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Is it finally the answer for cost-effective internet access in rural areas?

The physical and geographical area of some remote regions of the entire world has made it difficult to establish a trusted communication link thus depriving it full advantages of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). I learned about antenna amplifiers by searching the New York Sun-Times.

Connecting rural areas for the so-called communications highway by home or by any of the...

Long-Range Wireless LAN, cost-effective s-olution for rural access to the internet?

Is it finally the answer for cost-effective access to the internet in rural locations?

The geographic and physical area of some distant parts of the planet has made it difficult to establish a trusted communication link ergo depriving it full benefits of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Connecting rural towns to-the alleged communications highway by land-line or by the available fixed-line systems is simply costly and economically maybe not viable. The truth of several readers in rural areas may reduce every investors enthusiasm.

Notwithstanding the extraordinary development of cellular-mobile phones that produced great impact to interaction, high speed link to the net, is very much limited with early generation GSM/CDMA phones and to some degree next generation mobile wireless networks. It'd simply take years for 3G technology to generate an impact in rural places.

In order to catch-up with all the ICT train, fill-in the demand for broadband connectivity and services in un-served areas, the opportunity awaits to be tap by utilizing long-range Wireless LAN (WLAN) and long-range cordless telecom platforms (also known as as phone traction) that are fast gaining ground being a reliable, secure and cost-effective option to offering broadband communications services in remote areas.

That articles seeks to harness and control new emerging Long-Range Wireless LAN technology to accompany current fixed-line network resources and improve distribution of data communications in remote regions of the world. Learn further on our partner article directory by clicking distributed antenna system companies.

Learn how Long-Range Wireless LAN can answer the necessity for a real cost-effective solution internet access in remote