Anthony Sims

Tampa Bay Region, FL

Anthony Sims

Tampa Bay Region, FL

As a newly-minted family man, my primary goal is to provide for my wife and children. As an artist, my primary goal is to continue to do so in an artistic manner. I have kept a rather eclectic professional career in the arts throughout my relatively young adult life, working in freelancing, studio work, education, and business. I have been a director, a writer, an animator, a video editor, a motion graphics specialist, an illustrator, a 3d modeler, a teacher, and always a student.

I enjoy working in education, as it allows me to foster the creativity of others while allowing myself to continue to grow artistically. In recent years, my experience within the education sector has grown quite a bit. What started as an adjunct position meant to supplement the bills, has since grown to a full time art teaching position at the collegiate level, a subject matter expert (SME) in digital design and animation, a course curriculum design committee member, and an author of several collegiate classes.

My career has been multifaceted, but I have found stability and happiness being immersed in education. While I don't see myself ever fully leaving the teaching environment, planting the seeds to further grow my studio businesses as well as pondering the allure of an outside creative studio position has brought with it a new-found sense of excitement to my professional career outlook.

My options are open, my mind is fertile and blooming with creativity, and my ears are listening.


Primary Skills:

3d modeling/ animation

motion graphics

content authoring

video capture/ editing

graphic design/ layout

digital painting/illustration

familiarity with HTML/CSS

Soft Skills:


project management


skills improvement

Growing Skills:

further development of web/software skills, with an emphasis on JavaScript, JQuery, and further exploration of the mobile environments.

UI/UX design theory and execution, dealing with both the Agile and Lean methods.

Programming with Javascript, Java, and Python

  • Work
    • Rasmussen College | Ronin DMS Studios
  • Education
    • Completing MFA in Animation and Visual Effects, Academy of Art University, San Francisco
    • BFA Media Arts and Animation, Miami International School of Design
    • Certified in Graphic Design, Montgomery College
    • Starting Computer Science degree, Rasmussen College