Anthony Caruso III

Anthony Caruso III

I am a Veteran Journalist, Small Business Entrepreneur, and Social Media Administrator. For the past nine-years, I have worked in the sports writing industry.

My journey in the Journalism field started with the Burlington County Times as their Sports Editorial Assistant on August 9th, 2002. After the many ups-and-downs in the business, I decided to start my own web-based businesses, The Capital Sports Report (March 2007) and The Caruso Report (March 2011).

I’ve found my most success through The Capital Sports Report. I always had a dream of covering the top sporting events in the world, and The Capital Sports Report has allowed me to cover those big events, including the 2008 Army-Navy football game, the 2010 Little League World Series, and the 2010 Heisman Trophy ceremony.

Besides those big accolades, I have been successful in covering numerous Hall of Famers, Player of the Years, All-Americans, among others. I have interviewed the 1983 and 2010 Heisman Winners, the 2011 NFL No. 1 overall pick, and the 2011 No. 4 and No. 19 overall picks in the NBA draft. These are just some of my many accomplishments.

I have been a candidate for the 2009 and 2010 Aflac Motorsports Journalism of Excellence Award, too. I have also received an EOF Educational Award from Burlington County College.

While attending Burlington County College, I have volunteered my time to several charitable organization events such as the Shrimp Fest for Autism Speaks, Walk Now for Autism Speaks, and Freedom Gives Back Military Appreciation concert. I am also a member of the AmeriCorps program, where we volunteer at Day of Services and in our community. Through AmeriCorps, I serve/intern at the Office of Emergency Management.

I am majoring in Journalism at Burlington County College. Besides majoring in Journalism, I have several certification certificates from BCC, Rutgers University-Camden, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, and the FEMA Emergency Management Institute.