Anthony La Pusata

Creative Direction.

Anthony graduated from Walsall College of Art (UK) in 1993 after specialising in General Art & Design, Photography and above all Graphic Design. His very first job, whilst still studying, was with a local magazine which included general design layout, typesetting and generic advertising design. He was then picked up by DWA, a multinational advertising agency based in Turin, Italy where he worked on projects for big name clients such as Invicta, Cressi Sub, Mazda, Eurotravel and Kléber. Anthony took this great experience and reversed it all back into his own design company, Republika D&MPB;, which has evolved from a one man show into an internal team of five backed by a worldwide network of talented collaborators. Anthony, through Republika, has worked on projects for Nokia (Singapore), Vodafone Italia, Flame Books (UK), Qapco (Qatar), MSF and Chema Sapori (Italy).


Anthony has always been keen on creative writing ever since Junior school and eventually his passion for film and TV got the better of him and has led to the writing several screenplays and a novel. The novel came first, '2wo Halves of the Circle', which was then transposed to screenplay format and developed into a TV concept for a 6 episode drama series, ‘Halved’. He then turned his hand to preschool TV and 3D animation concepts and developed ‘Pee-Poh Petite’ which is currently being produced in collaboration with the amazingly talented Studio Rain. Other projects including two graphic novels and a second pre-school concept are also currently in development.


Anthony has always been a big fan of music in general and has been writing lyrics since the age of 16. As a teenager he was lead singer for a while with the UK indie band ‘The Wishing Chair’ until at Art College he met the talented musician and composer Darren Barnard with who he formed a tight songwriting partnership and has since created a discography of over 36 quality pop rock tracks. In 2007, Anthony, along with Darren, became an official recording artist with a track from their first serious demo, ‘The Wonderful World of Whereabouts’, picked up by Universal BMG producer, Fortunato Zampaglione. In 2004 Anthony invested in his own personal recording studio and began experimenting with break beats and electro ambience mixed with rock. He composed several tracks which remained on the back burner until h