Anton Abreu

Filmmaker, Director, and Writer in Sydney, Australia

I currently reside in the sunny Sydney, Australia and joined a communications private organisations back in 2013. This experience is allowing me to face major responsibilities towards good and efficient data and how this outcome could help interactions for changes in the world. A story telling with the right tools is what push me forward everyday.

I spent 2.5 years of my life in Auckland between 2011 and 2013 to collaborate with different projects segments and helped develop interactive online applications and web services all over New Zealand and Indonesia for a digital technology business in Auckland.

Prior to move to New Zealand, I had a great time while living in England for 4 years. While there, I was part of an agile product development team in Clerkenwell - the "Silicon Valley" of London - which launched a search engine named Nestoria in the UK, Australia and several other countries in Europe, Americas and Asia.

Asking questions and more questions and coaching new comers for their individual responsibilities are becoming a new challenge in my life and I'm not afraid of sharing bits of my own experience stories.

When I'm not learning how to windsurf or playing beach volleyball, I'm storytelling with a super 16 with a BMPCC or digital super 35 and very likely with an Angenieux from 1960's attached it to the camera.

I believe in organic unity and that digital can also be remarkably human. I current look for minds alike.