Anton Malafeev

Essayist and Consultant in France

Anton Malafeev

Essayist and Consultant in France

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❝A human being is able to change his whole life just by changing his point of view...❞


I am a perpetual 'out-of-this-world' thinker with the main concern on society issues, seeking to improve its functioning and way of being.

Russian-born, lived in the USSR, Russia and Ukraine for 18 years, and in Mongolia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Spain, Namibia and France for over 18 years.

I provide my knowledge & experience to companies helping them to optimize their performances in the multicultural environment of the nowadays realities.

In the nutshell it's about Cultural Intelligence — diagnosis, consulting, trainings:

☛ Raising awareness about cultures and its huge importance in human behaviour ☛ Support in strategy development ☛ Transversal support in intercultural HR organisation ☛ Marketing adaptation for international business ☛ Business coaching

I write (in French, Russian and English) my societal thoughts and cultural analysis since 2012. I also contribute to THE HUFFINGTON POST amongst others.

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