Antonio Giovanniello

Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Antonio Giovanniello is an aspiring filmmaker based in Canada. Whitby born and raised, watching movies is how he spent most of his days. Antonio originally got his start as a wannabe comic book writer. Upon the realization that he cannot draw, Antonio discovered it wasn’t the art he cared for, but the creation of worlds, characters and narratives.

Taking a large amount of inspiration from low-budget filmmaking, Antonio is more concerned with creating a fun film than making any money. Antonio has written many (unproduced) scripts, often dealing with the concept of failure, which he considers a good friend.

Taking a video production course at Durham College as a technical groundwork for more traditional video work, Antonio takes inspiration from “punk filmmakers,” being a strong believer that creative ambition is more important than the preconceived notions of “good filmmaking.” Being taught the traditional narrative structure is detrimental to ones own creative output.

With just as little filmmaking experience as many Hollywood directors; Antonio’s scripts range from dark comedic stories, to transgressive horror films, with an odd dabble in more conventional dramatic storytelling. One day Antonio will have a film distributed before fading off into obscurity for the rest of his life.

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