Antonio Navea

Milano (Italy) - Sevilla & Córdoba (Spain)

Telecommunication Engineer (currently student), I was born in the ancient califal capital of Córdoba (south of Spain), I've studied in "High Technical School of Engineering" (University of Seville), and during the academic year 2012-13 I was enrolled in the Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

I love to contradict the destiny coming true all my dreams, and I don't believe in the "luck" (well, sometimes you would need rather be lucky to catch your oportunity in the best moment), but is always neccesary be hardworking (I mean, smart working) and believe in your owns possibilities and virtues. Actually I'm thinking to found my own "start-up" along this year, after my graduation, stay tuned! ;)

If you think that can give me a positive feedback in whatever you have good knowledges or experience, tell me! I'm sure we can do amazing things together! =)

On the other hand, I usually play several sports, I like travelling, and do others interesting things! Time is running out, join me! ^^

  • Work
    • Currently student
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    • Telecommunication Engineer