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Antonio Gil

Father and Software Engineer in Aguascalientes, Mexico

I discovered my love for computers at 9 years old, since then, in a way, or in another, I've been living my life side to side to a computer (even when sometimes I cannot afford to have one, but the life finds its ways). So far, I develop software in .NET (C# specially, but I also know VB.Net, ASP.Net, and I'm learning F#, JQuery, among other stuff). I have a soft spot for GNU/Linux, but I haven't made "the big jump" into it.. But I'm closer than before.

I've been reading since I have memory, and I think that I continue until the day I die. I love horror, suspense, crime/spy fiction, and thriller novels, but I have a very special place to sci-fi and fantasy novels.

Almost in a (very) similar way, I've been living with music almost all my life, even when the music that I used to hear then isn't near to what I listen today. I 'discovered' rock music on 1998, when I see a music video from KoRn, and never looked back. A couple of years later, a very close friend lend me a Carcass album and that was how I meet the wonderful world of Heavy Metal genres. In 2001's autumn, another friend lend me a Therion album, and since then I never go back to what I used to listened prior year 2000 (there are a specific exceptions, but very limited).