Antoniya Rikke'

Antoniya has always had a natural sense of style. Even as early as 7 years old, she could be found cutting and styling her Barbie dolls hair and applying her mother’s red lipstick and eye shadow to her face. Over the years, she has coordinated numerous fashion shows, providing model coaching, styling and Makeup application services. Antoniya has always been the “go to” girl for Makeup application and fashion consultations amongst family and friends. She has always dreamed of an opportunity to expand her ability to provide services to help more women reclaim their femininity. In 2009, Antoniya founded Dollhouse Image and Beauty Consulting (DIBC). As lead Makeup Artist and Educator, she has been able to provide services to women of all different ethnicities and ages. Antoniya always makes time to go into the schools and churches to provide beauty education to young girls. “The media has driven our girls to believe if your body isn’t stick thin it’s not beautiful, I work to show them how to be comfortable in their own skin.” Antoniya’s meticulous nature contributes to her ability to provide flawless Makeup application while teaching clients how to maintain great skin. “Makeup is the cherry, skin is the sundae. Who wants to eat a cherry off of melted ice cream?” Her personable spirit leaves the women she encounters looking and feeling fabulous. Over the past few years Antoniya has had extensive education from successful artists and beauty professionals from around the globe. “Makeup artistry to me is more than applying products to a face; it’s an opportunity to change a life. Women have so much responsibility; mothers, wives, sisters, employees, etc. Makeup is an opportunity for me to pour a little back into the people that give so much of themselves to the world every day.”

You can reach Antoniya via e-mail at