Anurag Pagoria

Certified Business Analyst offering over 9 years’ of quantifiable and cross- cultural experience in MNCs / Established Companies / Start-Up Ventures / Turnarounds across diverse sectors

Vision, Strategy & Leadership

International Sales & Marketing

New Market Development

Market Research & Pre-Sales

Multiple Project Management

Distribution Management

Project Planning

Proposals Preparation

Requirement Gathering

Feasibility Study

Gap Analysis

Products Launch

Product Development

Network & Relationship Building

Key Account Management

Franchise Management


Sales Promotion / Branding

Change Management / ERP

Capability Building

Manpower Leadership

___________________ Profit & Value ___________________

Leadership: Advises the management on business strategies, promotes organization among customers & vendors and drives organization mission through employees & supports motivation of employees in organization.

Decision Making: Formulates policies and planning recommendations to the management, decides or guides courses of action in operations by staff / employees.

Management: Oversees operations of the organization, implements plans, manages human & physical resources.

Personal Credibility: Uses personal credibility to influence the outcomes beyond own business & functional area.

Strategic Contributor: Can direct business in new and growth areas and motivate people to perform beyond their normal past demonstrated skills / levels.

Value Champion: Have courage to challenge counter cultural values / behaviour in others