Yadavindra Chopra

Consultant Life Coach and Logician in Bengaluru, India

Yadavindra is a Consultant for philosophical enquiries. He offers Life coaching and counseling services by using an ancient art of reflective thinking called Anviksiki.

Yadavindra believes that there are three main obstacles for Happiness.

1. Guilt is an innate impulse in us to feel responsible for any wrongdoing that we perceive done by us.

2. Frustration is an innate impulse to feel provocation led by any sense of displeasure.

3. Apathy is an innate impulse to feel disinterested after series of disappointments.

These sessions involve the visitor to spend their hour exploring nature of these three obstacles.

The whole approach is to allow insights to emerge. The tool used in these sessions is Reflection.

Reflection is considering the logic behind one's thoughts that lead one to feel negative.

This approach is philosophical in nature and helps differently from that of psychological as the main purpose is wisdom and not treatment.

Yadavindra believes that we are ethical beings, because we desire to be Good. By gaining insights into our own thinking, we begin to have knowledge and understanding into their own nature.

Anviksiki is an ancient philosophical art to correct moral reasoning and increase balance within ourselves.

Anviksiki comes from the root word Anviksha, meaning to be anxious, to be careful.

It is also associated with the root word Anu+viksha, where Anu is the indivisible and viskha is to supervise. It is spoken in the context of examining moral reasoning.

It interprets as 'to examine and supervise' one's thinking and this is done through Logic.

The art of examining and supervising thought is Anviksiki.

CREDENTIALS: He has been a practising philosopher for over 11 years with experiential knowledge of Eastern philosophies such as the Indian Orthodox and Heterodox schools, Buddhist, Sikh, and Chinese under mentorship of a sage and has been a student of Western schools of philosophy such as Greek (Socratic), Hellenistic (Epicureanism), Medieval (Stoic), Renaissance (Humanism), Early and Late modern (Existentialism, Idealism, Marxism, Phenomenology and Structuralism) under the mentorship of a Philosopher and Vedic Astrology for more than 25 years under the guidance of his father. I do not predict but guide using this ancient science.

Yadavindra meets by appointment only.

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