Anwar Abu-Shayed

Aguada, Puerto Rico

Hey there! My name is Anwar Abu-Shayed. I am 22 years old. I pretty much moved around my whole life. I recently moved back to Yonkers, NY. I lived in Buffalo, NY, Aguada, Puerto Rico, and in Amman, Jordan. I speak English, Arabic, and some Spanish. My current major is Liberal Arts and Science, but I am definitely going to change it to a Science major like Biochemistry. I am very focused in becoming a Scientist of some sort, particularly in Chemistry. It just makes sense to me. I am a very outgoing and very direct person. I do not like to 'beat around the bush.' I am also a very fast learner and can accomplish anything I feel is necessary to succeed in life. I love music, all kinds (even country), Alice in Chains are my favorite band of all time. I have been told time and time again that I am very easy to talk to and I find that important, it means that along with my honesty and forwardness that others can be the same with me. So far, I love college. I currently work as a Pharmacy Technician for CVS. Its a good job, I am prideful of it and I'm very thankful for everything I have, and appreciate all of the people I meet, I will talk to just about anyone for however long it takes, literally anywhere. I used to work for a company called Altavista, so I basically was canvassing and selling donations. It was a fun job but it was in the city and the commute was a hassle. It takes alot of confidence in what your saying to another person in order to sell a product cold turkey in the streets of New York, where New Yorkers have an attention span of less than most humans. With my background of moving around a lot, I had learned how to be a new person in a new place and I always do awesome, I don't get nervous speaking in larger groups of people, I find it exciting and challenging everytime. I am a very huge comedy fan. I met a couple of my comedic idols. So, if you like to laugh then we will get along great.

  • Work
    • CVS
  • Education
    • West Seneca East Senior High School