mechanical contractor, Service Manager, and Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Pennsylvania

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I love technology. I like to play with computers and mobile phones. I currently own a Google Pixel XL, a Macbook Pro and a iPad Pro. I enjoy Android products for their openness and ability, and I enjoy Apple products for their simplicity and elegance. I have an interest in seeing what I can make my devices do for me in different ways. I also feel the need to make all my data available no matter where I am and no matter what device I am on.

I repair computers as a hobby for friends and family.

I like fast cars, mainly muscle cars. I've had probably four Mustangs. I had a 1993 Mustang GT which I owned from the day it left the car lot new in 1993 'til the summer of 2010. I had many hours and thousands of dollars invested in that car to make it look and run good. But everything comes to an end. After hundreds, maybe thousands of 1/4 mile passes, I felt it was time to move on. She will be remembered.

I do plumbing, heating and air conditioning as a full time job at RHR Mechanical Contractors, Inc. which is a family owned business founded by my grandfather in 1946. We do residential, commercial, industrial and institutional service and installation. For more information, please visit My goal is to carry on the family business as the third generation, grow the company and make my family proud.

We are always looking for skilled and ambitious service & installation techs. Visit our site for our contact info to inquire about a position.

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