Apex Consulting Solutions

Marketing Consultants in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Apex Consulting Solutions is a private sales and marketing firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We started in 2014, with humility and tenacity partnering with some of the most respected names in cable and satellite industry.

When we started, we had a vision in being the best in our field. It’s why we chose the name “Apex”. Apex as a noun is the top or highest part something. We attribute our success and growth to our efforts on our people and training structure. As a company, Apex Consulting Solutions has cultivated an environment focused on positivity, dynamic adaptability, and growth.

A review of what we do:

1. Customer Acquisition: Need help building your brand and expanding your market? Want to do it for a fraction of the cost and with guaranteed results? We can help!

2. Leadership and Entrepreneurial development: Want to shift your mindset? Want to build team synergy concentrated on progress.

We created this About.Me page to give insight into who we really are. Our team is highly motivated, ever giving, fiercely competitive, and eclectic. With such diversity in our educational backgrounds, we find common ground on our goals and motivators. We focus our training on the correlation of personal and professional development, cultivating an environment of well-rounded people.

Apart from our magnetic and tenacious team culture, we know our success is attached to how we obtain our sales. Through our cutting-edge sales and marketing training we have found a system that works! We are professional yet personal and very fun.

Why does it pay to hire Apex Consulting Solutions for our sales and marketing services? Simply, imagine 20-40 well-rounded professionals working their absolute best to represent your brand. Imagine working with a company that is willing to work just as hard for you as you do.

Looking for a job and feel our company culture is a fit for you? Email us at HR@apexconsultingsoutions.com or drop us a line at (980) 949-8462.