Student, Writer, and Photographer in Ahmedabad, India

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A smattering of favorite things -
Istanbul, Eat Pray Love, Working with my hands, Roald Dahl, Instagram, Jhumpa Lahiri, Travelogues, Pablo Neruda, Picture collages, Bill Bryson, Farsi, Old photographs, George Clooney, Saturday mornings, Australia, Norah Jones, Strawberries & Cream, Fairy lights, Jane Austen, Zany humor, Hugh Grant, Penguins, Motorcycle Diaries, Rumi, Ajrakh, Autumn

Things that pique my interest -
Traveling. Art Conservation. Renaissance. Mythology. Poetry. Design. Sufism. Philosophy. Mughal History, Data visualization. Photography. Crafts and Communities.

Personal goals -
Seeking nourishment for the soul wherever I find it. Quest: Not to leave a single matchstick unlit.
Finding beauty and oddities in daily life. The greatest secrets are indeed found in the most unlikely places.
Living by definitions that are truly my own. Don't let others' philosophies and world views limit you.
Nurturing relationships. Never underestimate the power of good conversation on a rainy day.