Chanel Stynder

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I set out on an adventure 3 years ago when I decided to quit my job, the high stress and overwhelming hours I was working had become my existence. I no longer enjoyed working in a field where I couldn’t help people, and was killing myself doing something I no longer loved.

My background in finding alternatives to medicine has always been my strong suit, my friends and family have often come to me for their issues and ailments and I have always been able to give them an answer and a solution. In studying homeopathy I have been in a position to give one answer, one time, without a series of vitamins, minerals, cleanses and tablets even if they were all natural alternatives. It seemed to me that I and those around me were either having trouble with the medications they were on, or had been prescribed, or they were simply no longer working effectively and having massive side effects.

I am not a guru, nor do I believe that we need to drastically change the way we live our lives, I am a very realistic person in terms of what is possible and impossible to accomplish in the world in which we live. There are specific issues which are currently plaguing the population, especially in North America, some are simple but have dramatic effects on the body such as stress, others are infertility or migraines, skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis. All of these and other "medically termed" issues are in fact the body's inability to deal with stressors, and that is why homeopathy is brilliant.

What I have found while working with homeopathic remedies, was that it helps people to deal with stress and fatigue in a way that does make the body dependent on them. No more need for sleeping pills or caffeine pills, no need for weight loss treatments, or medications to regulate the clear signs your body is giving you that you have an imbalance. The beauty of homeopathy is that it is a complete and holistic medicine, and my job as a practitioner is to find the appropriate remedy, a remedy which will gently and naturally ease the body into a state of health. Homeopathy does not interfere with current medication, it is safe for children, animals, breastfeeding mothers, and women who are trying to get pregnant. How many medications that you have been prescribed can say that??

  • Education
    • Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine