Aleasha Potratz

United States

My name is Aleasha Evelyn Potratz. I am a student at Central Valley Public Schools. I currently reside in Nebraska. I am active in volleyball and basketball. I am currently an A & B average student. After high school I plan on attending college, right now I plan on attending college at Central Community College, and then transfer to a University. As of now I plan to major in broadcasting.

After college I would like to have my own radio show. While pursuing my dreams I plan on starting my own family. I hope to raise them in a good neighborhood, and giving them everything that I didn't have. I plan on raising my children for success so that they can have attain whatever they want.

Achieving these goals ins't going to be easy, which it should't be. I plan on working as hard as I can to reach these goals and make a better life out of the one that I have. After I reach these goals I plan to give something back to my mother. She gave me everything I ever wanted and when I am able I plan to give her whatever she wants.

  • Education
    • Central Valley Public School