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Be prepared to read the most happening things in the world of Cyber Security.
You have been warned!
About Appin:

We at Appin, bring the whole platter of IT Security to your tables! Appin has the most contemporary and nouveau resources and knowledge base to impart cyber forensics training and so far we have trained over 10,000 individuals ranging from students to security experts in different colleges and organizations across the globe, likes of which include Delhi Metro, Indira Gandhi International Airport, GMR, Indian Army and the list goes on. We have strategic tie ups with the leading intelligence agencies of our country over various high profile cyber crime cases and have our tie ups with Microsoft, Infosys, IIFCO TOKYO, Daikin, etc. We are associated with numerous global organizations. Our team comprises trainers with the experience of more than 15000 training hours under their belts.
What's in store for you:

Appins gives you what you have not even dreamt of, yet!

We have a full fledged course of cyber security which slings you from a newbie to an elite security researcher, which takes you to a path not yet beaten, from teaching you how to connect to a WiFi network to how hackers hack into one, from what an IP address is to how hackers fake one, from how to be secure to how to become anonymous. But, before you anticipate anything, let us warn you this is not what you are thinking it is. At Appin, it never is!

And when such cool stuff happens live on your screen, and you make it happen yourself hands-on, how can this not be the most awesome experience of your life.

Trust us, it will be.
This course is to tell and secure you from a person, a hacker, who is nothing but someone with a few rudimentary computer skills using which he can get to know so much about you that he could write a biography on you! Your personal information lies exposed out there and you put it yourself. In our training sessions, we demonstrate how easy it is for somebody to hack into your online bank accounts, monitor every single keystroke you are typing and even view your web camera remotely, without you having any clue that something is wrong with your laptop, despite everything being horribly wrong. Not just that, we would deal with the security flaws in your mobile phones, using which a person can pinpoint your exact location throughout the day and can monitor your personal messages as well as the aud