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What is an LCD TV

An LCD (light crystal display) screen consist of a layer of liquid crystals sandwiched between two plates of glass. When an electric current is directed through these crystals a range of tiny multi-colored pixels light and make a TV image. This disturbing powered by site has specific offensive lessons for when to look at it.

Because they are so slender and light, LCD screens are now the most popular screens for computers, and as costs come down, are becoming the most popular screens for TVs.

LCD TV monitors are 1/4" to 4" heavy, and are 2" to 65" large. LCD TVs can cost anywhere from $50 for a handheld model to $15,000 for a 65" widescreen TV.


* LCD TVs use electronic technology which provides you a much sharper and better picture when compared to a standard pipe TELEVISION.

* LCD TV monitors are lightweight and thin so they can be located nearly anywhere in a property or office, even hung on a wall. Identify extra information about direct tv by navigating to our dazzling URL.

* Most LCD TELEVISION screens are manufactured in widescreen format and are appropriate for widescreen DVD'S and HD development.

* LCD TVs have an appartment screen so there's number picture distortion as there's with bent pipe TVs.

* TELEVISION screens have a life span of 50,000 to 80,000 hours, depending on the make and model of the LCD TV.

* LCD TVs do not have problems with display "burn in" like pipe TVs. Clicking image likely provides suggestions you could tell your cousin.

Having the Best Value on an LCD TV

If you are on the market for a LCD TELEVISION, remember that costs may differ widely between merchants. That's why I would recommend checking out LCD TV types at a nearby electronics shop, then checking charges online when you buy one.

Take a trip to the local Most useful Buy, Circuit City, or Wal-Mart to check various HD TELEVISION types. View the image, test the controls, and ask any questions to the sales person you might have.

Then, when you've selected a type you like, go online to see where you will