april coley

social architect/planner, resource management & logistics in San Francisco, California

"see-er" with eyes and heart wide open :: "do-er" with clarity of mind, purpose, word, action.

well percolating mixtures of heaven above, our sweet earth below.

the world outside may seem as dark, confused, crazed, congested as ever...

...and yet - i staunchly hold genuine light and laughter inside

i consistently work toward a vision of Beauty, of the artfullness in Living

i sincerely reach out to embrace and include that which holds Value,

has True Worth and is Essential to Being

so nevermind innundating me with the narrowness of a hopeless/negative perception/opinion of Life -

now, let us work together - collaborate and join energies in creating anew and again

that which has always sought expression and place in this world of ours...


__...child of a new dawning...__

so what i mean is, an evolutionary human being/bridge between the old and New;

(moving along between/and from ancient self that craves, complains, blames, rejects -


a highlighted, integral being filled with the possibilities of the nutritive benefits of Light.

rising gracefully to challenge, thriving within the rhythms of the universe, within/without.

inclusive of and dutifully embracing the somber darkness of the valley below,

the bright glare that pierces one on the mountaintop above)

i hear the silent, reverberating echoes of the past and understand the endless torments of

things done overlong for tradition, for the upholding of what was blindly considered

secure in an unreliable, changeable, hostile world.

the godless empty void and oh so Big...


within me (heart + soul) resound the vibrant harmonies of Beauty eager to be born

to a world with psycho-spirito-emotional grooves longing to be filled with

the sweet, silky Essence of a Joyful Be-er in Life

*(one willing/ready to commit to the anew and again to the call of Life) co complaining

and with all that stated and aforementioned...

the projects/actions i seek to participate in are of a nature that uplifts. connects. heals.

::past projects -

..e-commerce associate

..archival and research of antique ethnic costume and artifacts

..styling of individuals' visual presentation and image consulting

..interior decorating and prop styling

..designing of art exhibits/curated showings