April Parr

Vinemont, Alabama

Author, sort of Pagan, definite eccentric. I love to write, I relax with music and minecraft, and my husband is my biggest reason to keep trying in life. I'm a Wattpad lover with an account and a book currently climbing the hotlist. If you have an account please take a moment to come, read, and enjoy. And if you do, leave a vote please!

And if you don't have an account, I would love to be the reason you get one. I write fantasy, with this current story being high fantasy in the vein of Lord of the Rings.

I currently have a patreon account!

Feel free to stop by, and if you like my work I hope you'll consider becoming a patron.

Also, I've recently started posting Minecraft Let's Play videos on Youtube. I'd love for you to come by, check them out, and subscribe if you enjoy them.

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