April Redbird

Loveland, Colorado, United States

I am an artist/art therapist/psychologist/clinical social worker and mental health website creator. I'm also a mental health provider. I like to research current mental health techniques and recent discoveries and then provide a conduit for people to be able to access mental health resources. I love being a play therapist working both with children, adolescents and adults, we all need to reconnect with our inner child, particularly people whose childhood didn't fill their needs or whose childhood was marred by abuse of neglect. Those people particularly need to re-write their stories.

Actually in general I am passionate about being a therapist. I am also passionate about being an artist, and I get frustrated when people try to pigeonhole me into being one or the other. I can be both. As I literally starting making jewelry in my childhood years I have now been creating jewelry for about 46 years as of 2015. My mother an Irish anthropologist was also an artist and published writer, and my father was a Navajo Silver smith and building contractor. So I feel that as a social scientist and jewelry designer I have incorporated the careers of both parents. In fact I have one published work of writing and I built two houses on summer jobs construction jobs as a journey woman carpenter while still in college so I have actually incorporated even more of my parents skills into my lifeeven though that wasn't the path I chose to walk.

  • Work
    • I work by contract to mental health agencies
  • Education
    • MSW Gerontology & Social Work- Art Therapy Psychology undergraduate