April Dishon Barker

Dallas, Ft. Worth Area

April Dishon Barker is a faith driven woman of God who understands and acknowledges her life purpose; which is to create an atmosphere of peace and Godliness wherever she is, laying a foundation for worship that ushers in the life-altering presence of God. Her first ministry is to her husband of thirteen years, Marco and their four children whom she serves wholeheartedly with great joy. She is the CEO and Founder of Empire of Dreams, LLC where she helps women in high level leadership in the church, community, corporate America and their families. She is a licensed minister whose gifts include evangelism, exhortation and intercession. One of her passions is writing and she is the author of two devotionals: “Nuggets for the 21 Day Fast” and "Nuggets for the New Believer" which can be purchased at Amazon.com. She is committed with abandon to a life of service to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. April Dishon's God-given mission is to "Proclaim God's Word through Psalms, Pen and Preaching". Her lifestyle of worship comes from pure gratitude for the work of Calvary.

  • Work
    • Author & Speaker
  • Education
    • B.A. Communications , Paul Quinn College