Anastasia Proehl

aspiring philanthropist, Doer, and Researcher in Portland, Oregon

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Ayo! My name is Anastasia. I'm an aspiring philanthropist, currently seeking funding by way of tech and innovation.

As of now, I'm working with a team of doers to help people experience the world around them. Our platform, Doing, collects data on EVERY event, place and thing to do worldwide and employs data science to deliver users personally relevant experiences based on their interests, connections and locations. By doing so, we are simulataneously optimizing promotion for experiences, meaning those hosting reach the people who are most likely to become customers.

Doing is not publicly available yet, but if you'd like to know when it's here, follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook, send me an email or go to to get on our waitlist.

And remember, all support provided for Doing will be directly impacting the future and my ability to bring world peace and justice upon us in a capacity that can actually make a difference.


  • Work
    • Doing Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Oregon
    • Tulane University