Aquino Tegar

Web Developer in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hello, I'm Aquino Tegar I lived in Indonesia and I'm a nonbeliever. I'm a Laravel developer currently and I love all the things that related to tech stuff such as gadgets update, programming tools, AI's computer newest cool sh*t even though i cannot afford it at the moment. I have a big dream and really hope that i could living the dream in the future.

I have some skills in programming, ie: HTML 5 , CSS 3 , Javascript/JQuery , PHP , and a little bit LESS/SASS, Java, Phython.

And one more thing, i know this is really inappropriate but, I also love read manga watch anime, hentai too (haha) and a bunch of other hobbies that i cannot mention one by one.

I'm currently working at PT. Indotech Group as a Web Programmer.

my portofolio website is currently under maintenance

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  • Work
    • Web developer
  • Education
    • Alumnus at SMK Telekomunikasi Tunas Harapan