Arabian Sinbad

Arabian Sinbad: Arabic Language Treasure is a unique and exciting learning experience of the Arabic language for children. This innovative learning tool utilizes immersive and engaging language learning techniques via animated educational and entertaining cartoon, activity books, games, flashcards and lovely songs.

Arabian Sinbad teaches Arabic Language to children in a simple and enjoyable way. While watching and enjoying Sinbad adventures with his sister Zayna and pet parrot Zagzag to find and protect the treasure, children are taken into a learning journey from easy to more challenging levels.

Speaking only in Arabic, the Arabian Sinbad animated episodes utilize the Total Immersion Method. Children are introduced into a world where only Arabic is spoken in a correct, native accent, which helps them develop an ear for the Arabic language. Children are exposed to new experiences where words, phrases, expressions and questions are carefully chosen to enrich the child’s ability to use the language correctly.

Alongside the animated episodes, the activity books, flashcards and theatre cards provide an excellent tool to help reinforce the vocabulary learned in the videos. For further activities many games have been developed to highlight specific lessons and all that has been flavored by fantastic catchy tunes to help children recognize and memorize what they have learnt. The supplementary tools are bilingual to further reinforce the Arabic vocabulary learned in the episodes. These tools come with easy-to-use transliterations and translation.

Arabian Sinbad was developed to be an indispensable learning tool to supplement school curriculum in an entertaining interactive style. No previous knowledge of the Arabic language is required, so that children of any language can learn Arabic with Arabian Sinbad.

Arabian Sinbad: Arabic Language Treasure deluxe package will include:

9 DVDs with 18 episodes plus 60 minutes Vocabulary review DVD.

Activity and Coloring Books:

Arabian Sinbad: Fun Activities (Stickers Book) with 100+ stickers

Arabian Sinbad: Play and Think

Colorful and Illustrated Dictionary

Arabian Sinbad Sing-Along CD

24 Original Arabian Sinbad Songs

52 Flashcards

Theatre Cards