Aranee M

"We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams" - Arthur O'Shaughnessy

I am a person with many ambitions and am trying to achieve them all at once!

I am undertaking doctoral studies in international relations investigating the underlying causes of internal and transnational identity-influenced violence through a postcolonial lens, applying the theories and concepts of anthropology, cultural studies and psychoanalysis to my work in order to identify if there are alternative strategies to understand and manage the protracted cycles of violence experienced in the Global South.

I believe interdisciplinary thinking is the way forward if we are serious about finding long-term, sustainable solutions to our ever-increasing shared, global problems - i.e. financial crises, environmental degradation, entrenched poverty, transnational crime and violence etc. There was a time when our scientists were also artists, our philosophers also mathematicians, our engineers also social activists. Over the past century, we have forgone multiple expertise to singular focus, to our detriment. I believe my generation and the generations to come need to embrace and hone their inner polymath once again.

I spend most of my time listening to music and daydreaming - daydreams that become stories. I write contemporary drama screenplays and poetry that explore themes of belonging and place in our ever more chaotic world.

It's all still a work-in-progress but...

Watch. This. Space.

  • Education
    • PhD in International Relations @ Kingston University London
    • PG Cert. in Screenwriting @ Birkbeck College, University of London
    • MA in Human Rights Law @ SOAS, University of London
    • BA in Anthropology and Cultural Studies @ University of Sussex