Aravind Vadali

There are two ways to experience the modern world; by seeing technology come and go and adapting to every change that passes, or by creating new things and letting others adapt to you. I choose the latter; I choose to create. I have loved electronics and computers for as long as I remember. I didn't just love using them, I loved trying to figure out how they worked, and if there was any way I could improve them. While my childhood friends were all busy playing with their N64 gaming consoles, I was busy taking a screwdriver to mine to take it apart, just to see if I could put it back together again (at the time, the answer was "No"). I loved to play video games as much as the next kid; however, I had even more of a passion to create the games myself.

Years later, I am a Computer Science and Engineering student at UCLA, and my passion for discovering and creating new technology has only increased. At UCLA, I lead a program designed to give hands-on experience to beginning engineering students into the basics of circuit design, embedded systems, and a wide range of other electrical engineering topics. I also develop apps and games for Android and iOS, as well as software for larger side projects of mine, such as an automatic drink dispenser, or programmable effect pedals for a guitar. I try to incorporate my passions for technology and creating in every aspect of my life. That passion for creating, developing, and engineering is what made me who I am today.

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