Arbi Mirzaians D.C.

Lynwood, CA

As Director and President of Physical Rehabilitation Services (PRS) since 2007, Dr. Arbi Mirzaians D.C. oversees the clinic's daily operations, including evaluation of injured workers, and patient care. Dr. Mirzaians offers care to individuals injured on the job, as well as those injured in automobile accidents. He works with patients to address back pain, neck pain, other joint pain, repetitive use injuries, work-related injuries, sciatica, and headaches. Dr. Arbi Mirzaians and his team at PRS conduct evaluations to determine the degree of injury, as well as functional capacity evaluations (FCE) to assess to what extent individuals can tolerate certain physical activities and functions as they relate to their current job title. Recently, Dr. Mirzaians completed the Mastery Series: Advanced Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification, a high-level training course focused on cutting-edge FCE techniques. In addition to his regular chiropractic services, Dr. Mirzaians operates as a Qualified Medical Examiner to serve as an independent evaluator for evaluation of work injuries. To learn more about the therapy and rehabilitation services available at PRS, visit

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