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Farah Kronborg

Maybe you have heard this phrase before, Put some lipstick on that pig, and prettier her up. Well, have you got an URL that is long and ugly. Maybe you've an internet link or maybe you've multiple URLs that you wish to point out exactly the same position. In this essay, I am going to step you through the process of having the URL and forwarding the domain-name.

First, for the benefit of this article, we are using to deal with the forwarding. Purchase your URL( s). During the buying process, if you do not already an account with them, you'll set one up. We discovered the best by searching the Internet.

Next, login to your consideration. In your main display, you will have a listing of your URLs. Put a sign in the checkbox of the URL you would like to forward. Navigating To seemingly provides lessons you might use with your aunt. You will have a button that says Forward Domains. Click the button.

You'll be used towards the forwarding names of domain page. Towards the right, there will be a textbox seeking the URL that you want forwarded by the prettier URL. The following alternative is always to hide the first URL. The reason for this is to hide the original link from the person. Another alternative is always to enter a masked title. This criminal title will show in the the surface of the browser. The next option is the Masked Description Meta-Tag. This method would be to enter a different description of the site. And last but most certainly not least, there's an option for Masked Keyword Meta-Tag. Here you can input some new keywords. Once you have entered in the information, click the Save yourself Changes

Allow up to 24 hours for the change to take effect, after you have saved your changes. Often it occurs in just a couple of hours. When completed, your user will click the prettier URL and they will be submitted to the initial site. Example:



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