Prapto Ari Perwira

Hi guys, nice to meet you here and wish you always have a nice day yeach. On this nice session and good day for me, I would to share about my otobiography on there. Enjoy this guys :-D

As everyone know, my name is Prapto Ari Perwira and usually called "Ari". Now, I'm still leading in ARYTA Grup where is it some writers and publisher joining us. I was born in Karanganyar at five October 1988 with happinese and complete structure. Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah SWT because give me life and for my parent because give me change also opportunity.

I still one home with my parent and make it as my head office to manage all management at Jati RT 6B, Pilang, Masaran, Sragen. If you have a time, don't forget to enjoy my life with come to there. Also you can find many traditional batik production on this vilage, and it is one of hand made here.

Talk about study, I still on Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta in final class on this year. I wish can soon finish this study because I'm borried on there now. I also joining with other people who have blog / site around the city of Solo.

With my experience, I would try to help and share about more knowledge with out any fee on there. Some of people who have much money, we wish to sopport us by donating some dollar to our management. So we can still continue our project to make all people meet and know about internet and also information technology.

I live in a remote area in the corner of Sragen, for more information contact details can be seen at page he he he. Of the many hobbies, I'd rather wrestle in the world of writing and reading course. Due to be able to write well and are friends, we must often read and draw inspiration every side of life.

In there hand, every post I have been write here is shareable and we all wish you leave a comment under it.

"Comment is best appreciation to the author of the post, so when blogger visiting other don't forget to always leave a comment", by me.