Arfita Adikvika

└A baby!

Do you really wanna know? Well, my name is Arfita but you can call me Fita for short. I'm a student, my school is on 99 Junior High School. I was born on July 10th. I born and raised in this beautiful tropical country called Indonesia. Facts you should know about me is, I dont like being forced.

I'm a good listener. I prefer the music and fashion than to confront a harsh world like this. I faced my fear with a smile and courage, Sometimes I write, well, not sometimes, it's everytime I took a book and write everything there. And everytime I had a trouble, social media is my diary.

I have a unique name, every person who met me always asking 'you must be Vika's sister' but it doesnt matter. I like it, I think it's a special thing of myself. And I love the way my life, I dont care what they say about my life. I'm still living it and ignore their words. Those who judge me without proof is someone who is desperate and dissatisfied with their lives

Sometimes this life can be complicated, but I'm not the type of someone that easy to give up, I will try to make a change from the complicated life becomes an easy life and everyone wanted.

Thanks for listening the story about myself. I appreciate it.