Arghajit Bhattacharya

Kolkata, Bengal, India

Hi. My name is Arghajit Bhattacharya. I am a 25 year old Software Engineer from Kolkata, India. I take Photography and Travelling as my passion and I constantly try to feed this two things in my life. I completed my graduation in Computer Science Engineering and now for living, I work as a Software Engineer.

I love to travel in different places, mainly w/o having much itinerary planned. I believe best things happens when they are unplanned. I love mountains more than anything. I also possess a bucket list of different adventure sports that I want cover before I turn 50. For me, photography is a hobby. I like to take photos of people with their real expressions, places with majestic scenery, night sky with full of stars.

Life is not about spending in one place, and I would like to sail off to sunset one day.

  • Education
    • Computer Science and Engineering