Ariana Jalfen

I'm a word-slinging, humourizing, marketer with a philanthropic yen.

Professionally, you'd seek me out for my ability to capture your company's voice and cultivate a brand that resonates.

Personally, I know a thing or two about raising daughters into citizens of the world as a mom to three fab girls, the youngest of whom is Autistic; will one day speak at TED, and am training to complete a Sunday New York Times crossword in a single morning.


In 2007 I created Canada's largest social group for moms with young children. I'm currently looking for my replacement as group organizer. If interested, send me a line and say hello.

In 2012, I founded, the online destination that collects and sorts all family and kid oriented deals, coupons, codes, and flash sales making it simple for parents to save when shopping for their kids.

At the end of 2013 we launched and are thrilled to serve families across North America.

In 2013, having discovered a Warrior within after my youngest's diagnosis, seedling ideas for RedBootWarrior; an agency that creates kick-ass campaigns that raise awareness, advocacy and funds for families of kids with Autism + Neurological Disorders, was born.

It's 2014 and through RedBootWarrior I collaborate with community groups, non-profits, foundations, and families to launch campaigns that turn fundraising on it's head.

In the background of all this, I run Asies, a marketing communications agency that works for start-ups, entrepreneurs and brands across the country.

I eagerly await the day I can finish a cup of coffee while it's still hot or a glass of wine without a whiny interruption. With the lifestyle I ordered out of stock, I head here to create one from scratch. I invite you kick around the site to laugh at my expense or join me in exploration of many a topic.