Ariane Beldi

I consider myself a humanist in the classical sense. I love exploring unfamiliar grounds, garnering knowledge and acquiring know-hows, in order to make some sense of this sometimes frantic world. I don't submit to conventional cultural hierarchies, especially in the field of audiovisual media productions (cinema and TV). I appreciate both classical art/literature and contemporary industrial culture. I believe in the virtue of rigorous thinking that goes beyond appearances, so as to embrace the complexity that lies under the glaze of evidence.

For this reason, I've gladly made mine the Bates College motto of systematically questioning my own assumptions and to never take anything for granted. But I've also learnt to base my world views on rigorous and solid arguments. I don't catch opinions like one catches a cold. I usually know why I believe in something and have good reasons to justify my position. However, I'm neither psycho-rigid nor dogmatic, and while holding firm to some principles, I'm also opened to other perspectives. I'm now exercising this approach in my dissertation within the field of media and communication studies, working on people's use of information and communication technologies and their reception of audiovisual entertainment contents. Before, I've also done research on political discourse and the ways civic grass-roots movements use electronic media to connect across borders and the political spectrum.

I'm also looking for opportunities to put into use my academic skills, most particularly problem definition, fast reading, synthesis, rigorous analysis and result communication, within the field of cultural practices studies and user's experience research for the media and telecommunication industries. I'm equally considering positions as journalist or writer in specialized magazines or publications about new media and audiovisual entertainment. I'm also interested in working for the promotion of cultural and educational activities, like museums and artistic events.

I write in and speak fluently French and English. I can manage German if the conversation doesn't get too technical and make myself understood in Italian. Lately, I've been mostly writing in French, but I'm going to start blogging in English again too.