Arianna Carrizo Ruiz

Madrid Spain

Panamanian, citizen of the world, a mixture of many cultures, proactive, astute, flexible, eager to learn, dynamic and very different. I am a product of the mixture of Panamanians, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian, this has given my life a twist has made me open my eyes and realize that we are actually citizens of the world rather than citizens of a country .

Through my master studies I created my own line of panama hats, through them I worked with panamanian natives in creating unique designs. Now I am looking for new opportunities that let me feel more stable, but I'll never let my entrepeneur vein get away.

On the other hand, after finishing my Master in a prestigious Business School, I am working to find a good job in the Sales, PR or Marketing area, where I can grow professionally and personally, helping my team and the company with creative and innovative ideas.

  • Work
    • Former Assistant Mediator
  • Education
    • Law and Political Science Graduate
    • Specialization in Marketing and Sales
    • Diploma in Refugee Law
    • Master in International Management Specialized in Sales & Marketing