Arianna Zanghi

Italian translation trainee in Lussemburgo

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I am a translator, language specialist and liaison interpreter, with a solid academic background and work experience as in-house translator, content reviewer and interpreter.

I hold a MA in Specialised Translation and Liaison Interpreting and a BA in Applied Interlinguistic Communication, awarded by the University of Trieste (Italy). I had the chance to study abroad in Portugal and Canada and to gain work experience in Spain and Ireland.

My mother tongue is Italian, I speak English and Spanish fluently and I have a professional knowledge of Portuguese and French.

My study and work experiences abroad allowed me to gain excellent communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

I am currently based in Luxembourg, working as a translation trainee in the Italian translation unit at the European Parliament. Feel free to contact me for any questions or clarifications and for any job opportunity.

  • Work
    • European Parliament
  • Education
    • MA in Specialised Translation and Conference Interpreting (University of Trieste)
    • BA in Applied Interlinguistic Communication (University of Trieste)