Ariel Fisher

Toronto, Ontario

Ariel Fisher is not a "happy-go-lucky film nerd!" She's not an art house film snob, either. She's a lover of film - the high brow, the low brow, from dramatic thrillers to B-horror. Everything is worth watching. At least once.

She was raised on the likes of Back To The Future, Indiana Jones and The Godfather while the other kids watched Barney. Thanks to parents who worked in the medical field, yet harbor deep seeded passions for the arts, she has been allowed to develop her artistic inclinations.

Enter film criticism. If she could do her dream job, this would be it. That, and being involved in the film festival circuit. But baby steps.

PS: her hobbies include travel, hiking, photography, cooking, drinking Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

  • Education
    • McMaster University