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Ariel Joy Muntelwit

Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Hi I am Ariel, I am 17 years old, living and working on the Gold Coast.

I work in the feild of Mental Health in a Behavious Specialist Centre called Fabic where our focus is first Undertstanding why people behave the way they do, to get to the root cause of the behaviour and then introduce the changing Behaviour. These can be extreme cases to very minor cases of wanting to change a particular habit or pattern.

My role is Client Services and Administraion, I am at the front desk meeting each client that comes through the door. I enjoy meeting people and that reflects through my interactions and my work. I have a lovely natured personality, very joyous, sweet and also clear in my communication. My lack of judgement adds to the supportive environment that then provides an oppourtunity for clients to feel at ease when seeking treatment.

It is because I live and work this way that the oppourtinuty to heal begins as soon as the people walk through the door.

  • Work
    • Fabic - Behaviour Specialist Centre