Arif Ayub

Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Father

Arif Ayub

Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Father

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Born in 1982, Arif Ayub commenced his professional career at 16, leading a software implementation for a Middle East-based contractor. At 17, AT&T made an offer to train its specialists on networking protocols. Later, several African countries formally invited him to lead IT education initiatives in specific parts of their countries, in partnership with IBM and Intel.

With 15+ years of experience, Ayub is currently a senior executive with extensive expertise in technology, trade, and retail.

Currently, Ayub divides his professional time between retail operations, and large scale trade deals that include some of Asia's largest companies, by market capitalization, as customers. Ayub’s retail operations focus on proprietary brands, including such diverse products as detergents and shaving razors.

Ayub is also a Limited Partner at a San Francisco-based fund. He began there as an early-stage investor, and now exclusively focuses on growth-stage/pre-IPO deals.

Ayub has previously worked out of his offices in Karachi, Wall Street, and Washington, DC. While working at his holding company, now based in Brussels, he has declined several secondary positions including member of the newly proposed SEC Audit Committee in Pakistan and member of the Government of Pakistan's IT Advisory Board.

Some of Ayub's current business interests and activities include diverse endeavors such as developing Pakistan's first and largest private industrial park in partnership with the Chinese government. He has also been working to take his United States subsidiary operations public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Ayub has been an innovator and pioneer of the concept of economic balancing across economic and political power centers, including Washington DC, Beijing, Moscow, and others. He has a proven ability to counter political, recessionary, and other parameters negatively impacting profitability of corporations of all sizes. Three companies (among the world's largest 50) utilize parts of his model, under a license.

• Formal Endorsements: Chairman of the Senate, Pakistan (2007); Federal Minister of IT & Telecom, Pakistan (2007)

• Asia's Best Entrepreneurs Under 25, BusinessWeek (2006)

• Entrepreneurship Award, Shell Pakistan (2004)

• Co-inventor: USPTO US 13/107,352; USPTO US 13/096,544

  • Education
    • University of Pennsylvania