Arif Ahmed Sunny

London, United Kingdom

I was born on 11th of December 1986 at Dhaka, Bangladesh when my father was working in Bangladesh Air Force as a Flight Engineer. I grown up in a traditional educated family with two elder brother. I started my school at the age of five and on 2001 I finished my Secondary School Certificate Examination from B.A.F Shaheen College at Dhaka Cantonment. I then passed my Higher Secondary Certificate Examination on 2003 from Government Science College, Dhaka. Both of the achievement was in Science Group. I was Always interested in Science and mathematics. Even though My courrent stucy line indicate that I am a business student. There is always a change in life. So am I. I started my University life on 2004 at North South University, Dhaka. Later I decided to come in the United Kingdom to finish the same degree. On 2006 I came in London. A totally new life began. I have learnt so many things that I could never learn in my whole life in my motherland. I have learnt to fight with any situation in life. So many barriers came on my way and each barrier is a new lesson. So far i have achieved a business diploma and a Graduation on Business from University of Ulster. Job hunting is part of life now and planning to do my MSc. I have a vision to do Phd in the near future. My interests includes,Traveling, Photography, Movies, Surfing web, Information, Technology, Family.

  • Education
    • University of Ulster