Arijit Mukhopadhyay

Student in West Bengal, India

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Hi👋 I'm Arijit, 20, who also lives on this beautiful planet Earth among all of you.

I'm a physics student, always will be, because there's no limit of learning. I love physics, not because of those beautiful equations, but because it helps me understanding nature and natural phenomena. Nature! Always inspires me, probably she inspires many if not all. It's mainly because of her that I got my interest in photography- love to capture frames. You can see some, just tap the above button, if you want to, or not. 😊


We all grow up listing that life is all about this, it's all about that. I personally think life is all about story- if my life doesn't have a good story then clearly it's a wastage of life. And a good story comes from great efforts, hard-working, bravery and sometimes by doing some "we shouldn't be doing this" things. So, as one of my favorite human being said-

"You will never be the best looking. You will never be the tallest, most talented, most capable; will never have the most money. There will always be someone who is better at whatever you are doing. But you can always be the hardest working person in the room. And the hardest working person always wins."


- Casey Neistat

  • Education
    • Bankura Christian College