Ario Saptomo

Jakarta, Indonesia

Ario Saptomo has been known as an Indonesian who hardly lives in Indonesia. Half of his life was spent in various countries which makes him to be very much exposed to different cultures and languages. Apart from speaking his native language, he speaks English, Spanish, French and Thai.

Passionate and dedicated in telecom business and digital marketing, Ario has worked at Nortel Networks, Motorola, and Mobile-8. He has also worked for Putera Sampoerna Foundation to set-up new ways to support education cause using his experience in telecommunication and product marketing.

Besides from his professional career as a marketer and telecom product management, Ario is a guitarist and singer who is so fond of blues and rock music. He has played in couple of bands all around the world, played solo in acoustic act, and produced couple of songs in Pakistan and Thailand.

Today, Ario Saptomo is focusing in developing digital marketing strategy for Allianz Indonesia.

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