Ariston Ripoyla

One of the most influential B-Boys of the modern era, coming from a multi-cultural back ground of Native American and Filipino he brings both his cultural influences and contributions of the ancestors along with the elements of cultural Hip-Hop while preserving his own creativity and identity through his art. A world renowned dancer he also is an accomplished artist ranging from custom paintings and apparel to traditional Native American and Japanese flute making. Ariston “ReMinD” Ripoyla was born and raised in Stockton, CA. From this small town in Northern California, he would emerge to be what many consider one of the most

New Jack Swing
Flute Making - June 22/23, 1 - 3pm
Elements of The Breaking

Location:6780 Depost Street, Sebastopol, Ca 95472
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Phone: 1-707-823-1074

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