Arleigh Noden

Seeking Employment in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Are you looking for an experienced, dedicated, loyal, hardworking individual to join your Team? If so, please keep reading. I have a lot to offer !!

Here's my story:

After working out of town for 8 years on remote construction sites, I am seeking in town employment to gain a better work/ life balance with a company that can provide long term, stable employment with eventual advancement opportunities, where my employment is beneficial to both parties.

I live in Maple Ridge and have my own reliable transportation. Commuting anywhere on the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley will not be an issue for me.

I have over 35 years experience in financial, accounting, contract administration, cost control and budgeting and purchasing/procurement positions including many years in supervisory and managerial positions.

I have been working on remote construction sites across Canada for the last 8 years in Finance, Accounting, Administration, Project Controls and Contract Administration roles as an independent contractor. Employment was for an agreed to term - only for the duration of the project at hand.

I have a Diploma in Accounting, Business Management and Administration

While working out of town, I was hired onto each project as an independent contractor for the duration of the project at hand. I had to form an incorporated company to be hired onto these projects. I gained invaluable experience on each project. The downside of this is that at the completion of each project you are released from your contract and begin the hunt for a new project to go to.

I was very successful in finding the next project to go to and was consistently working under contract for 8 years.

I am laying this out for you as I don't want you to assume I have no staying power. In fact by working under these conditions it shows my tenacity and dedication to staying employed.

My goal has finally been achieved from working out of town which was to send my kids to college and purchase a house.

I am looking for work/life balance so I can be home each night and have a life outside of working hours. I have made all the necessary adjustments to enable me to work in town again.

I feel I would be an excellent candidate for positions related to my experience and skill set with your company. If I'm not a perfect match, I am quick and willing to learn new things.


778 773 3836