Arlo Barnette

Student and Musician in Morehead, Kentucky

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Howdy! I'm Arlo Barnette, a senior majoring in English and Spanish with an Honors scholarship in tow. I work at Morehead State Public Radio as a student journalist, and record/play shows with several bands, also writing music for two of them. I was homeschooled for the large majority of my young life, and quite happily so! I spent Junior and Senior years at Rowan County Senior High School, and defecated on the school building upon my exit. I'm not particularly proud of this, but it served to punctuate my unhappiness there.

My parents live on a toy farm in Bath County, and my younger sister (Ellen) is an Art major at MSU. My girlfriend of four years is Zoey Barrett, who plays music with me in two groups. I'm interning at a radio station in Chile for five months beginning in January, and will graduate in Fall 2017.