Armani Khoury

Chicago Illinois

As a successful business man, Armani Khoury has the wisdom & experience to market your business in a creative way. Armani develops a premium native app, but the key ingredients is the strategic marketing with the app! LinkedIn marketing is one of Armani secret weapon. I'm passionate about helping clients create wealth through real estate investing. Real estate is one of the safest, most profitable and tax favorable assets classes on the planet. A time-tested wealth builder. More millionaires have been created through real estate than any other type of investment, and all major companies use real estate to bolster their balance sheets, increase cashflows and decrease their tax liabilities. Almost every business owner I've ever meet owns at least a handful of rental properties, and every CPA I've talked to recommends rental property or mortgage note ownership as part of their clients overall financial strategy. Hedge fund managers invest Billions of their clients dollars into the real estate market every year, and there's over a Trillion dollars in real estate lending and securities transactions being conducted each year.

  • Work
    • Khoury & Associates
  • Education
    • Francis Howell North High School
    • The Ohio State University