Armi Legge

Armi Legge is an entrepreneur, writer, personal trainer, and sponsored athlete. He found his passion in life when he competed in his first triathlon at age eight. In addition to triathlons, Armi competes as a runner and cyclist, and cross-trains with sports like hiking, kayaking, Parkour, and power lifting. At the age of 17, he has achieved over 50 victories and top ten finishes. He got his first sponsor at age 13, and now 15 companies support his athletic pursuits.

Armi works as a research analyst and writer for the Bulletproof Executive, a blog where over 30,000 people per month read his writing about finding the best ways to improve health and increase mental and physical performance. Armi also co-hosts and produces Upgraded Self Radio, a popular iTunes podcast which interviews leading fitness and nutrition experts about ways to perform better in life. You can learn more about Armi by visiting his personal website at or by visiting