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The Internet consists of an incredible number of web-pages so it is not surprising that numerous are rarely seen by human eyes apart from their owners' and builders.' These unfulfilled webpages are like trees in a forest. They will make just as much noise as they need, but if no-one is about to listen to it then who's to know they ever made an audio? Too many of these that are viewed by people are poor at encouraging progress through the sales cycle i.e. they don't persuade the audience enough to progress to another period whether that's distributing a sales dilemma or making a purchase.

Just how have you established the worth of the site? Have you only taken into consideration its cost to construct and sustain or have you also considered what it actually does for you and the value it contributes to your business? Consider this question, how could you encourage a potential customer that it was worth the asking price, if you were to place your site up on the market? On the effectiveness of the advantages it brings or could you sell it on the premise of just how much it cost to construct?

You think owners of expensive luxury cars are motivated by how much they cost to build, run and service or because of things such as the status they give the owner, the higher quantities of comfort a